Adsense replacement

How to Use Prosperent

adsense replacement
Unlike Google Adsense, using Prosperent Affiliate Network is easy to signup for and easy to use.  First click on one of the links on this page to set up your account.  Registration is quick and easy and you will be ready to place ads on your blog or website in minutes.  You could be making real money in no time.

After you register click on the Ads button on the dashboard.  Here you will design your first ads.  Choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, and elements.  Save the ad and select the Get Code button.  Paste this code into your website or Blog where your Google Adsense used to be.  It is that easy.

With the up to date Reporting system you can see your traffic results, impressions, clicks and sales.  Getting paid with Prosperent is also fast and easy compared with Google Adsense.  You wont have to worry any more about the questionable Google Terms of Service getting in the way of you getting paid for your website and blog traffic.