Adsense Replacement
About two years ago I made my first cent online.  Literally a cent.  Somebody clicked on a boring adsense text ad and I got paid.  Several more clicks followed. Several more cents.  This was back when people were making real money with adsense.  But I wasn't one of them and I thought there must be a better way. 

I did some research and learned that there were many many options available to me and to everyone who has a blog or a website and is looking to make money.  Monetization of your traffic is the name of the game.  I joined the Affiliate networks and figured out which products would convert.  I spent weeks building pages for individual products.  I tried autoblogs, product review sites, etc.  They all produced some income, and much much better than Adsense.  However my return on my investment (my time) was still too low.  It took forever to add monetization by hand for each product on each page.  But this was the only way to make real profits, matching the end user to the product they were looking for. 
adsense replacement
Then I found out about Prosperent.  It is a brand new Affiliate Network which captures the ease of use of Adsense and combines it with the power of the other Affiliate networks like Commission Junction.  With Prosperent, you simply build your ad template, and drop that code into your website, same as Adsense.  Except instead of lame lines of text you get actual product images and descriptions, buy buttons, and prices.  Then when your users buy a product, you get paid, but not 1 or 2 cents like Adsense, you get paid real commissions, 4%, 6%, even 10% depending on the merchant and product.   
Prosperent uses a dynamic matching system so that your website's visitors are shown the products they are most interested in.  If a user searched for "The Best Xbox 360 Sports games" in Google and clicked on your website in the Search Results, then the Prosperent code on your website or blog will automatically show products matching those original google search terms.  It doesn't get any easier to make money on your websites and blogs with Prosperent. 
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adsense replacement